Wild is Life

We are a genuine wildlife and landscape conservation operation.

We rescue, rehabilitate and rewild orphaned and injured elephants and other animals in Zimbabwe.

We offer our special visitors a life-changing, unique experience, embracing our holistic culture of care. Bookings are essential.

Wild is Life

We are a genuine wildlife and landscape conservation operation. We rescue, rehabilitate and rewild orphaned and injured elephants and other animals in Zimbabwe. We offer our special visitors a life-changing, unique experience, embracing our holistic culture of care.

Hallo Darlings!

Welcome to the magic of Wild is Life!

Thank you for being with us and for your interest in our wild lives. The paths we all walk, as individuals, at Wild is Life, are filled with adventure, love, growth, empathy, compassion and optimism. We are not afraid to say that we love the animals in our care.

In these days of fast everything, heads down, phones on and busy businesses, the need for connection to the wild world is ever more important. Our planet is in crisis, yet so many people think that someone else is going to fix it! Not so? It will take each and every person who inhabits this earth, to show compassion, love and a desire to change, before anything meaningful will be achieved.

We aim to inspire conservation, in whatever form that may take. We encourage humans to care about the living world around them and to feel the sentience of wild lives. We provide second chances to those who have no voice. We nurse and cherish the souls who are injured, traumatized, bereft, and heartbroken.

We care about the land, as much as we do about people and animals. The land is fragile too and it is imperative that we protect, conserve and appreciate all she has to offer us. The lives that pass through our hands are truly Wild Gifts… ever precious, always valued.

Your support is always appreciated, whether it be a bottle of milk, a tractor, a uniform, or a lifesaving flight of a little elephant angel! Please do come and see us soon, or connect on social media! We love hearing from you!

Remember… keep believing in the magic of the Wild World!

Roxy Danckwerts, Founder

Roxy Danckwerts, Founder

Wild is Life consists of three pillars:



Wild is Life is home to the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) – the first elephant nursery in Zimbabwe. We rescue, rehabilitate and rewild orphaned and injured elephants and offer them a second chance at life.


The Sanctuary Experience

Visit the Wild is Life Sanctuary for an unforgettable wildlife experience. Connect with giraffes and elephants, meet and learn about pangolins, listen to the roar of lions and enjoy high tea or sundowners in our eclectic guest space.



Focused on rewilding, anti-poaching and conservation, Panda Masuie is a 34 000 hectare protected space near Victoria Falls. This is where the rehabilitated elephants begin their final stages towards a full reintegration back into the wild.

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We knew #movingMoyo and her 6 rehabilitated orphan elephant companions across the country would be challenging, but nothing could have prepared us for the highs and lows of this mammoth endeavor…Tensions were high last Tuesday as the team assembled at 6am at the #wildislife_ZEN Nursery in Harare to begin the task of sedating the elephants in order to put them on the truck that would be transporting them 1000kms to Panda Masuie in Victoria Falls. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a delay until the action began at 9am.Once everything was ready, double and triple-checked - Moyo, Kura, Coco, Bumi, Unity, Sally and Sienna were let out of the bomas and then darted by animal relocation experts AWMC (African Wildlife Management and Conservation). Each elephant was numbered in order of size and darted in that order and slowly, one by one, lay down asleep.Then it was all hands on deck! Each elephant had a team monitoring breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels and temperature as they were prepared to be lifted onto a flatbed truck by crane. Kura, Moyo, Bumi and Coco were also collared whilst asleep.Once safely lifted onto the truck, each elephant was driven and loaded onto the wake-up box where their sedation was reversed and without hesitation, they stood up. Then they were ushered into the 30-tonne elephant translocation truck that would be their home for the next 20 hours.Kura’s move was particularly difficult as he had to be carefully pulled up a ramp by two tractors on a mat and only then onto the truck due to his bad leg. We will share the details in another post.From the elephants being sedated to the truck being loaded and on the road took a grueling 4 hours!The loading had been a success - all 7 elephants were awake, alert, and in perfect health leaving the Nursery. But we couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet as they still had a very long journey ahead of them… 🐘❤️🙏 ifawNext part tomorrow! #cultureofcare #onebyone ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear supporters and friends of Wild is Life,I remain in Panda Masuie together with my specialist team and will do so until Moyo is fully recovered.As with any translocation, there is always risk. Unfortunately, in this instance, Moyo was critically injured on the truck during the road trip up to Victoria Falls. She lost a fair amount of blood and had some very serious wounds. Upon arrival, a decision was made not to immobilize her immediately to give her a chance to recover from the arduous journey which lasted for 20 hours. This gave Moyo a chance to build up her energy, hydration and her blood glucose levels. 24 hours later, after stabilizing, Moyo was immobilized again and assessment was done by some of Zimbabwe’s best veterinarians, Chris Foggin and Harley Peacock (Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust) assisted by Greg Foggin. Moyo struggled to come around from the sedation but her wounds were treated, stitched up, and antibiotics were administered to keep infection at bay.She is receiving regular pain medication to keep her pain at a manageable level. In my experience, I have found that elephants suffer from pain in ways I have not seen in other animals. Moyo is receiving a highly nutritious and specialized diet, including an array of vitamins and minerals to boost her immune system. She is surrounded by her girls; Unity, Coco, Sienna and Sally, who all arrived safely and in good health. I am living down at the boma at the moment, alongside my incredible team. We are all exhausted and emotionally drained but we fight onwards. Moyo is taking the medication by mouth and is able to mudbath. She is not able to lay down yet but remains comfortable, surrounded by her girls and my team.We have now passed the 72-hour mark which is critical. If she was going to deteriorate further from her injuries, I believe that she would be showing signs of doing so. This critical juncture has given us all a lot of hope. We are not out of the woods yet but our hope and courage continues to grow in stature for a positive outcome from this most traumatic event.On a more positive note, Bumi and Kura have been introduced to the resident Wild Is Life herd, resident at Panda Masuie. Kura greeted his old friends with great joy and elation. It was wonderful to see and the ellies are already out in the bush enjoying their new home and new friends.We ask you to keep Moyo in your thoughts and prayers at this time. We will try to keep you updated as and when things happen. Sometimes it is difficult to keep in touch with my team in Harare due to poor communication from the bush.I thank you all for your support and understanding through this difficult time.Much love,Rox xxxifaw Zimparks Zimbabwe Forestry Commission, Vic Falls Wildlife Trust ... See MoreSee Less
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All donations go directly towards the wellbeing of the animals in our care
Wild Is Life USA is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization, meaning your donations may be tax deductible under U.S. law.
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